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Perhaps it even got tossed into the dryer and came out looking like a doll sweater?

did you know it is possible to restore a wool sweater?

1: MADBALL “HARDCORE LIVES” (The Black ‘N Blue Label) – To me, the cream of the crop of 2014 hardcore as Madball spoke to me lyrically, musically and visually with an all around AMAZING effort here.

This comes from a guy who always liked Madball but they never had that one album that shook the foundations for me… They start it off with an old style instrumental intro that has you stomping your feet before the title track kicks in with a head nodding type of beat that has some of the slickest and well thought out lyrics I have seen in a while.

It was approved in 2003 and has a 50-50 cofinancing arrangement with African Development Fund (Af DF).

It took over two years before it started its operations in 2005.

Ron Guardipee – Brotherhood, Resolution, Digh Down Boston Strangler -Fire LP Red Scare – Demo 2014 The Drip – A Presentation of Gruesome Poetics 12″EP Baptists – Bloodmines LP Iron Reagan – Tyranny of Will LP Paranoid – Crypts of Rays Demo 2014 M. The list below is just one small portion of the entire recap.

I HIGHLY encourage everyone to click on over to In Effect’s site to read the rest of this incredible post.

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Feel free to add your own faves of 2014 to the comments section! Every year, Chris does a super-comprehensive year end recap, which is always a blast to read.Kudos to Beltchika, as she is a true knowledge worker and one of the few people I’ve worked with who fully appreciates the power and potential of learning both from successes and failures.I think it is fair to say that PADPPA has both impressive achievements and faced massive challenges.Put enough warm water in the sink to allow you to completely submerge the sweater.Add a bit of hair conditioner and mix it until it’s completely dissolved in the water. Gently press the sweater to remove as much of the water as possible. Remove the wet sweater and lay it on a thick, absorbent towel.

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