Validating survey instruments

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Although the use of OER is growing in the Global South, it is not used as frequently or as broadly as it is in the Global North, perhaps due to a combination of cultural, demographic, socioeconomic and political factors.However, the potential benefits of OER – especially the improvement of everyday life for those on the margins of society – should be understood by scholars, policy makers, and the public so that they can help promote greater social equity and empowerment.

As a process, validation involves collecting and analyzing data to assess the accuracy of an instrument.

This table is based on the work of Joanne Rich and Janet Schnall at the University of Washington Health Sciences Library.

See their web site for much more information on finding research instruments.

Few measures exist to measure the overall home environment for its ability to support physical activity (PA) and healthy eating in overweight children.

The purpose of this study was to develop and test the reliability and validity of such a measure.

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