Updating fonts and images for powerpoint

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You can modify the Power Point presentation as you would any other, with styles and other enhancements.Note that these do not affect the Power View views—they remain opaque areas on the slide.Sometimes, when sending these presentations off (particularly over-seas) there can be issues.

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Check out this link for what to do if your presentation contains Asian texts and formats that Power Point can't display.

This seems to be a relatively rare issue, and may not affect you (or the person receiving your presentation) if you used a fancy script font.

The problem seems to be more related to the inclusion of certain fonts in the system, like Asian fonts that read the opposite direction.

That way, for example, your version of Adobe Garamond®, not your service provider’s version, can always be used by the service provider for viewing and printing.

Type 1 and True Type fonts can be embedded if they are included in the Post Script file, or are available in one of the font locations that Distiller monitors and are not restricted from embedding.

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