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The director rejected the song after The Doors played it live for him. It was all about sex with prostitutes, marijuana and tequila – hence ‘ was about the new music Jim heard when his family were moving around the South West States in the 1960s.

The magazine's conceived goal was to "provide a community for Asian American teenage girls to access sisterly advice and gain self-esteem," with articles written from a range of perspectives, including high school students, college women, young professionals, and other role models.

Although entertainment and beauty articles have attracted the majority of site hits, Mochi has also published a diverse collection of articles pertaining to health, mental well-being, relationships, food, travel and culture.

Over the years, Mochi writers have addressed hard-hitting issues in the Asian American community, such as the Asian American body image, the model minority myth, the "bamboo ceiling", and stigma surrounding LGBT identity and interracial dating.

Confronted by a counselor at Tamarack and her adoptive mother, Christoph admitted molesting her sister.

Mochi has a growing presence at journalism workshops and Asian American community events.Executive board members and staff members have presented at the Midwest Asian American Students Union (MAASU), the East Coast Asian American Student Union (ECAASU), Mochi has partnered with various Asian American interest groups such as the Banyan Tree Project, Audrey, NYU-based Asian American publication Generasian, Kollaboration, ITASA, Harvard University's Identities Fashion Show, Amp Music Festival, Lunar New Year Festival by Xi'an Famous Foods, and others, through co-hosted events and sponsored posts.In October 1994, 16-year-year-old Dayna Christoph, a mentally disabled and emotionally disturbed girl who had been placed in foster homes and mental institutions 64 times, was placed at Tamarack Center Home, a 0-a-day treatment facility in Spokane, Washington.Even though they are back where The Doors made their first two albums, the mood is deadly. Joplin died before its completion – aged 27, like Brian Jones. Two out of three times, Jim would either not want to work, or would go into the studio drunk. Ever loyal to an old friend, even Manzarek agrees – the situation was dire. A genetic predisposition to alcoholism ran in his family. One day, around the sessions, John and Robby sat him down at Robby’s dad’s house by the pool, and told him, ‘This is seriously affecting us all now as a group, and you physically’. The original track was left intact, though Morrison overdubbed a guttural single word ‘fuck’ and Botnick phased Densmore’s drum break.The band have busked through a meagre collection of material, including the germ of . Carousing with Jim one night the singer had mumbled, “Brian, Janis, Jimi – you’re drinkin’ with number four”. Lyrically it was a slight piece concerning a short holiday Jim took in Mexico with his drinking crew.

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