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How to pull it off despite us very clearly advising against it: The legal way would be to become a resident of The Walkway. The date: Boozy Valleyfair day How to pull it off despite us sitting you down and telling you you’ve turned to a life of crime: Strap a Camelback bladder full of vodka to your upper thigh. Tap your contraband bladder that we wish you hadn’t brought into the park with you into said cup. Although we encouraged you not to, step over said sign and carefully work your way around the falls’ rim until you are behind it. How to pull it off, even though we don’t really care if you do this one: Drive through a muddy field in, or around, Minnetonka and then drive all around the city streets mocking law enforcement, showing your date your rebellious side and the fact you’re more than just some affable nerd with a really expensive Hess truck collection. You probably won’t get arrested for driving around with muddy tires, but hey, at least you can add “outlaw” to your Tinder profile.

The date: Night jumping -- or more likely “night view-enjoying” -- at the Hyland Hills ski jump How to pull it off even though it’s illegal and we’ve repeatedly told you not to do illegal things: Step 1, wait for winter. Walk through the Rose Garden with your date to verify nobody is around, then continue your walk around the lake only to exclaim “Crap, I must’ve dropped my phone back there!SAN ANTONIO—Shuddering as he recalled the details of the traumatic encounter, local man Christopher Gao told reporters Thursday that he walked in on one of his roommates having his way with his leftovers in the kitchen.This Saturday marks 90 years since aviator Charles Lindbergh made his historic first nonstop solo transatlantic flight from New York to Paris aboard the Spirit Of St. The Onion takes a look back at the most important milestones in the history of aviation. At a public meeting earlier this week, two people submitted written statements, asking the district to remove the book from the curriculum, and possibly from all library shelves. " Passages like these have put the book, the recipient of the 2007 National Book Award for Young People's Literature, at the center of a debate to have it removed from New London-Spicer's required reading list.

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