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Generally, we like to tell ourselves the lies are warranted, like telling your Tinder date from last week that you’ll be out of town for the next few months, or telling your boss that everything’s going great with your latest project.

If you encounter abusive content on Facebook, do you press the “Report abuse” button?

Maybe they go after When a dude invites you to some type of outing where you’ll be meeting his friends, it can feel pretty exciting.

Here at Galore, we don’t believe in the friend zone when it comes to guys thinking girls owe them sex in exchange for their friendship.

Still, we’ve had girls convince us of the unbelievable: that the female species can get trapped in the friend zone, too.

When it things come to sex, many women will squander your time but I think you recognize that already.

You’re most likely tired of investing lot of money on beverages, taxis and also cover at clubs however still going the home alone. Perhaps you’ve tried online dating just before however don’t get any dates and one night stands.

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