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The Torah tells us the story of the rise and downfall of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Unfortunately, the specific nature of the fiction being commissioned doesn’t allow us to have a standard open reading period. Harper Collins has agreed to provide a contributor’s copy as payment for each chosen entry. Lambshead is a character owned by the Vander Meers. For one thing, the great man’s house was in a catastrophic state of disarray, with letters to heads of state mixed in with grocery lists, major medical awards propping up tables or sticking enigmatically out of the many kitty litter boxes, and several thousand personal diaries shoved into random spaces in a library as shambolic as it was complete.

HOWEVER, we having an open reading period, starting today, for a micro-fiction section in the back of the anthology, which will consist of a list, with descriptions, of items from Dr. You may not use his persona outside of the context of this submission process. If we want to use your piece, you will hear from us by September 15. Because of this disarray, it took caretakers until last year to unearth perhaps the most stunning find: a basement space lost under a collapsed floor, in which were found the remains of a remarkable cabinet of curiosities, much of it unfortunately ravaged by a fire or similar catastrophe.

Lambshead cabinet that are not described in the stories. However, if we don’t use your entry, you are of course free to do with it what you will, so long as it doesn’t reference Dr. (8) We reserve the right to acquire as many or as few entries as we feel work for the book. If you have questions, please post them in the comments of the previous post on this blog to keep this thread relatively free of anything but submissions. Containing artifacts, curios, and keepsakes collected over Dr.

From Gregory Paul, a freelance paleontologist, researcher, and artist: The Shroud of Turin is again on short-term display.

When I first saw it many years ago, I immediately realized it was a fake because of gross errors in the image.

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