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The 47-year-old was just one of five women taken into custody as part of the undercover operation.All of them allegedly offered sex acts to officers in exchange for money, but it was Bryan’s case that gained national attention after the bizarre circumstances of her arrest were released by police.That’s just life for the male Darwin’s bark spider (), a Madagascar native famous for making the world’s strongest web silk.[Why more than 30 kinds of spiders engage in ‘bondage’] Male spiders have a few tricks to ensure they survive a sexual encounter and manage to pass their genes on.High quality porn videos for unforgettable moments.NSW Liberal MP Peter Phelps says the NSW education system teaches students that "it's ok to fellate your boyfriend three times a week" but restricts the amount of sausage rolls they can eat.When the agent expressed surprise that Dudley's wife would take part, Dudley typed that he told Hamm before they were married about his interest in young girls.

But now scientists have found a species that adds oral sex — and lots of it — to the routine.

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Their findings were published last week in Scientific Reports.

Imagine, if you will, the plight of a tiny male spider trying to mate with a female twice his size and 14 times heavier — a female likely to eat him before he even finishes the deed, then keep on mating with as many males as she can when she’s done so that he might not even father any offspring with her.

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