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The sexy stuff laced a fierce package--the journey of how Miss Teenage Memphis went from instant glamorous stardom as a nubile sexual threat in Peter Bogdanovich's The Last Picture Show, to an eight-year affair with the married director, for which she was lambasted.

She was later a full-time player in the wild 1970s Hollywood and tells everything about who she played with.

No one cares about philosophers - cultural criticism has come to the fore.

How could she name names like this, reveal sizes of penises, tell us that Bruce Willis had a camel tongue and that the Don Johnson experience was one that had to be wolfed down as quickly as eating a candy bar?

How could she talk about how she put herself in the Cybill Shepherd sandwich-- sex with two men at once--and about the fried-peanut-butter sandwich that so often accompanied sex with Elvis?

More and more I lose contact with "me" and flow with all else that flows.Dao-process. I have used a variety of different calendars over the past 30 years--partly because I find it amusing to do so, but mostly for reasons of neurolinguistic self-education.

An old proverb of the Middle Kingdom says, "The wise become Confucian in good times, Buddhist in bad times and Daoist in old age." If some pookah magick made me thirty years younger, in the present wretched state of this nation, I'd have to become a Buddhist. When pain keeps me from writing, I eat a magick muffin, sit on the balcony and get totally lost in the Dao. [I employ a few dozen other devices of this sort to re-program myself out of conventional semantic grids: experiments, if you will, on Guinea Pig Bob.] For instance, I often use Ezra Pound's post-Christian calendar to date this column.

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