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His hair is naturally auburn and his true eye color is a chilly shade of blue.It has been noted several times that he closely resembles his father. Exhausted from a life on the run, Neil has to adjust to being a Fox.

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am a simple and open hearted man , who loves to be around nature , i have a great sense of humor, am very hardworkin ,am a catholic from birth and i put God first in all i do . In the end, his love for Exy is greater than the fear of his father Neil is described as a short, athletic young man with a slender build.In the first two books, Neil dyes his hair black and wears brown contact lenses in order to disguise his identity and blend in with the crowd.Like other developed countries, many Norwegians are still single. The Norwegians are considered to be a friendly, nice and polite people, but a bit shy and reserved in the beginning. Because of the cold weather we cannot be outside all the time like in warmer countries, so maybe that is why we can appear a bit special to newcomers.

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