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America's Army servers can be set up to run as GLOBAL (servers that appear in the in-game and Steam browser) or as LAN servers.

LAN servers use (attach, or "bind to") the IP address specified in the "Server Authorization IP address" field shown on the main Host a Server dialog.

If this still doesn’t work, then it’s time to start double and triple checking your settings.

If your network uses NAT behind a router, then you’ll have to forward some ports from the outside IP to the inside IP so that your server will authenticate, show up in game browsers, and allow connections from clients.

For the Server Administrators to turn PB on, all players must manually update Punkbuster on their PC otherwise when you join the server you get stuck on the Team Selection and will not be able to play, then a little bit later you are kicked back to the browser.

Please follow the instructions below immediately to avoid having such issues when Punkbuster is finally enabled on the servers.

manually updating punkbuster for aa3-75

manually updating punkbuster for aa3-55

The Server Administrators for America's Army 3.x are looking to turn Punkbuster on for the servers to get the protection and control they need for the servers to keep the gameplay the way it is suppose to be.When you click "Add a Game" the path found is incorrect so you must browse to locate the "Binaries" folder, DO NOT SELECT "pb" folder as it is created or overwritten.Normally Punk Buster keeps itself updated while you play your favorite game.If you want to run a public server you will need to change this setting to Global Internet Server 4. Be aware that doing this will restrict access to your server to only players who know the password to join.Enter the Server Authentication User Name and Password that you created on the Server Registration website. In the Public Information window enter a name for your Server and if you wish a Message of the Day. Enter the number of players and spectators you would like to be able to join your server and enable Punkbuster. Once you hit the Save Options button the tool will create a command line command that you can run from a command prompt should you wish to launch your server with the settings you have just created.

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