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The donations and stipends associated with a wedding fall into three categories: (1) Donation to the church.Traditionally, the couple makes a donation to the church in which they are married.A helpful rule of thumb is to consider the donation in relation to the total amount spent on the wedding.

Let us humbly follow -Christ, our great leader, and take His Word for our rule of faith and practice . Constitution and General Rules of The Pentecostal Holiness Church. Then there shall be elected a Board of Trustees, consisting of three or five persons, who shall hold in trust the church property. The boundaries of each Annual Convention shall be determined by the General Superintendent, with the consent of the preachers and local churches. Each Convention shall be composed of its Superintendent, ordained preachers, licensed preachers, mission workers, at least one delegate from each local church, but not more than one for every fifty members in each church,. Provided that those who are unable to attend the Convention shall report in writing concerning their personal experience and work, and on failure to do so for two successive years they shall be dismissed from the Convention. (d) The examination and ordination of candidates for the ministry whose attendance at an Annual Convention would be impossible. It shall be his duty further to prepare the report for the delegate to the Annual Convention, on blanks furnished by the General Secretary. It shall be the duty of the pastor to preach the Word, to visit all the members, if possible, especially the sick; to administer the ordinances of the church, and to sit as chairman of the Official Board and church conferences. At the close of the sermon or Scripture lesson, or at any time that may be deemed proper, the pastor, with any members present, and with the deacons who are to participate, may gather round the table and kneel with the whole congregation, and the following prayer, or an extemporary one if preferred, shall be offered.

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Size of Congregation: 180 Average Elders: Yes Deadline: August 31, 2017 Contact Person: Rolf Mc Daniel or Melvin Jones Address: 310 N 3rd Avenue P O Box 1301 Hopewell VA 23860 Email: [email protected]: (804)458-3563 Website Address: are searching for a Youth & Family Minister to provide direction to students in 5th - 12th grades, as they grow in their walk of faith.

PREFACE From the highest to the lowest of God's creation we see the most perfect organization. We believe in the imminent, personal, premillennial second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ (I Thes. 24 -.29-44), and we love and wait for His appearing (2 Tim. We deny, as false and unscriptural, Seventh-Day Adventism, annihilation of the wicked, conditional immortality, antinomianism, absolute perfection, so-called come-outism, the so-called resurrection life, the so-called redemption or glorification of the body in this life, the doctrine of the restitution of all things, as set forth in millennial-dawnism, and the teaching that we are not born of God until we are sanctified wholly. The Lord says, "Marriage is honorable in all, and the bed undefiled," and The Pentecostal Holiness Church firmly holds that there are certain relations between husband and wife which are strictly private according to the Word of God, and into this sacred privacy no one has any right to inquire (Heb. It points us to Calvary, and to the return of Jesus, whose blood cleanseth us from all sin and prepares us for His blessed coming again.

The stars are all placed in order; the sun and moon have their tabernacles; the solar system is a display of God's wonderful arrangement. It should be administered to all Christians in both kinds, and unfermented wine only shall be used.

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