Live chat with sexbot v 2 0 updating htc t8585

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In the new LUIS dashboard there seems to be no mention of action parameters/prompts.

Live chat with sexbot v 2 0-62

Live chat with sexbot v 2 0-90

Live chat with sexbot v 2 0-34

As you provide answers to commonly asked questions, response sets are automatically generated.Now, it’s time to sit back and watch your bot answer questions all by itself.Whenever you’re away, your bot will continue providing friendly customer support 24/7. If your bot doesn’t recognize a question, it will transfer the conversation to a live agent – seamlessly.With the new Luis Dashboard there is no mention of the old action parameters and prompts and no way to navigate to them.So after some more digging and not wanting to do overrides i found that you can reassign intents with the new LUIS dashboard.

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