Liquidating a retail store

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Get the contact information and place a call, or send an email; if you don’t get a response, or it just doesn’t “feel” right, move on.

Check other websites for reviews about the online merchants you’re considering. In short, check them all out to make sure you don’t get a bum deal. Just as important, know how much you plan to buy; depending on your supplier, you may be able to buy as little as one case or may be required to buy dozens of entire pallets. Are you buying from them directly, or working through a receiver?

And it may incur a loss from the sale of its merchandise. 31, 2016 and about 2,601 employees as of July 2, 2016, according to filings.

The company had anticipated closing up to 25 stores in 2017.

We have worked with tens of thousands of store owners throughout the United States and Canada since 1916.

Our accumulated experience is unmatched, and our knowledge of how to manage the most cost effective and productive going out of business, store closing, and high-impact business building sales comes from experience.

In fact, better deals may still be had elsewhere."Just because a business is advertising that it is closing does not mean they are offering the lowest prices on merchandise," according to the Better Business Bureau.

Retailers often hire liquidators that specialize in winding down operations.

The biggest downside of inventory liquidation is that, in many cases, the timetable for liquidating assets is short, so the discounts are steep and the cash earned is much lower than the retail value.

Retailers know that consumers believe they can score outstanding discounts as soon as liquidation sales begin.

For that reason, sales aren't always extraordinary in the early going."Sometimes, at the beginning of a liquidation sale, a retailer may charge full price until inventory clears out," according to Consumer Reports.

announced Friday that it will liquidate all merchandise and inventory and close all stores by the end of May 2017.

In the 8K filing, the women's clothing and accessories retailer said it would also sell certain furnishings, fixtures and equipment.

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