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Je décharge les responsables du site de toute responsabilité si un mineur venait à accéder sur ce site par négligence de ma part de quelque manière possible.Je renonce dès à présent à poursuivre les responsables du site de toute action judiciaire.Listen conservatives, we know you like to think that libertarians are your dorky little retarded cousins or something, but we’re not. If you haven’t met Julie Borowski in person, you’re missing out. Sometimes she may come off as kinda awkward in her videos, but honestly that’s part of her charm. It’s not just the gentlemen who want to be Libertarian Girl’s Khal Drogo, plenty of ladies have approached me trying to find out who this Daenarys lookalike is and how they can be her Missandei. We are our own distinct and beautiful political philosophy that stands apart from conservatism. She’s got a lot going on in the looks department that she totally undersells.

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The Liberty Inn doesn’t take reservations -- walk-ins only; first come, first served -- so would-be guests loiter in the lobby until a room is available upstairs.Je certifie m'engager à mettre en oeuvre tous les moyens existants à ce jour pour empêcher un mineur d'utiliser mon ordinateur pour parvenir sur ce service.Je consulte ce site à titre personnel en n'impliquant aucun organisme d'état.It’s not that we have anything against you per se, well maybe your morally superior attitude and stuff but let’s not quibble, but still, leave our women off your list. It’s like she doesn’t even know how cute she is, which sort of makes her way cuter. Plus did you see her when she was on John Stossel’s show? There are plenty of attractive conservative women without you having to gank our ladies under your Burkean umbrella. In honor of these women who we KNOW are libertarians (even though they may be personally socially conservative), we decided to make our own list.

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