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Through the long experience, l possessed profound understanding of acupuncture along with knowledge of the power of the chinese herbs.""l am licenced acupuncturist and practicing for more than 25years. Professor Park is member of the Korean-American Acupuncturist Association and SUMON Oriental Medicine Society, a Korean acupuncture and herbal study group.

The ancient theory and practice of chinese medicine was passed to me from my grandfather and also in 1996, l earned my chinese dr.degree from the prestigious Nanjing university of chinese medicine in china. in Oriental Medicine from American Liberty University at California. Le is a licensed acupuncturist in California, Georgia, and Tennessee. Tae Sun Park established Rio Acupuncture Clinic since 2007.""Tae Sun Park DOM, is currently a faculty member of the School of Oriental Medicine at Georgia Christian University.

Also l persued for Phd course at the same university specializing peoples internal issues and female desease especially infertility. He received his training in the United States of America, where he graduated from South Baylo University of Oriental Medicine at Anaheim, California. He, also, has received certification in acupuncture and herbology from the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (N. Tae Sun Park is a board licensed Acupuncturist in the State of Georgia and nationally certified Chinese Herbalist.

l have worked in numbrous clinics in china, Hongkong and korea with excellent reputation during the past 25 years. Professor Park is member of the Korean-American Acupuncturist Association and SUMON Oriental Medicine Society, a Korean acupuncture and herbal study group.

He debuted several days later on the television music show M Countdown with his single "Tasty San," featuring Min. San E's success continued with the single "A Midsummer Night's Sweetness," a collaboration with Raina of the k-pop group After School.

The song was an instant hit and achieved #1 on ten music charts shortly after its debut.

Did you ever experience any racism/prejudice growing up as a person of mixed heritage? What was it like being a point guard at Georgia Tech (expectations, etc. I felt like the city of Atlanta was on my shoulders to bring GT back to the tourney.

At first she didn’t want to talk to him but his persistence got to her. I had to go to special classes when I was 5 so I could learn to speak better English. Do you eat Korean food and, if so, what is your favorite? I eat it all but for some reason Kalbi-tang is my favorite. Did you grow up around other half/mixed Koreans (or people of mixed heritage)?

Eric is fluent in English and Korean, highly proficient in Spanish and conversational in Mandarin.

Following a viral You Tube cover, MBC invited Eric to Seoul to compete on the popular program, "Birth of a Great Star 2", a show similar to X Factor.

He is currently signed for a professional team in Croatia, KK Split, and has played for various European teams the past 5 years with much success.

In 2007, Tony attended the KBL (Korean Professional Basketball League) tryouts in Las Vegas to pursue an opportunity to play in the league and also to represent Korea in international play (on the national team).

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