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The cords might be telephone lines, or cable lines, or Fi OS lines specifically installed for Internet service, but the running theme is a line..., Google also wants to make Fi more affordable, by billing differently than most mobile plans.

Instead of paying for a monthly data plan, with outrageous fees if you exceed it, Google will charge you only for the data you actually use, at a predictable flat rate.

Looking for free wallpapers and backgrounds for your i Phone?

This site offers a nice roundup of high-quality wallpapers and HD backgrounds for i Phone 7, as well as other smartphones.

This site offers a fun collection of freebies for your mobile phone. This is a nifty free smartphone app that lets you listen to live audio from over 5,000 police and fire scanners from around the world (mostly in the U. Handy features include the ability to view scanners that are located nearest to you, sorted by distance. The Web offers a growing number of free goodies for your mobile phone.In this section, The Free takes a look at resources on the Web where you can get free cell phone ringtones, free apps, music, screen logos, screen savers, wallpaper, free SMS sending services, and much more.And don’t worry: all data sent through open Wi Fi hotspots is secured through encryption Google also wants to make you device-independent.With Project Fi, your phone number “lives in the cloud.” You can call and text over Wi Fi, and you can talk, text, and check voicemail using your phone number on just about any device — Android, i OS, Windows, Mac, or Chromebook.

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