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If you do wish to register no personal details are required by us however, you will need an email address to validate your account with us, please also check out the chatroom rules before you enter.

Making new friends is now an entertaining i Phone and IPad experience. With this release, we've fixed several long standing issues. I have been using this application for almost 3 years wherever I was and it found it so much Useful to meet new people .... I have used several video /Chat Apps and have found Chat for Strangers to be very easy to use and the quality of the video is great. , we here at Concise Courses are gigantic fans of everything and anything open source (as in all types of open source, free beer et al), and we’ve been using Thunderbird since time immemorial; we just mentioned that because Thunderbird has integrated chat and Instant Messaging into the client for a while now (seems that Microsoft is playing catch-up with that particular added functionality).Anyways – we digress – Skype, as we have said, is not only huge but it has changed us.First introduced in August 2003 and written by the folks behind Kazaa, here’s two quick trainspotting facts for you: at any given time there are approximately 34 million people using Skype, and, the original name for the platform was Sky Peer-to-Peer, which was then merged to make the name ‘Skype’.Bought by Microsoft in 2011 for .5 billion Skype is now even integrated into their email client Outlook; and the popularity of Skype continues to dominant the Vo IP.

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