Exchange not updating busy

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Since Microsoft SCDPM 2016 started supporting the Exchange Preferred Architecture so you might like to move you exchange DPM backup from SCDPM 2012 to 2016. Tags: Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager Setup cannot continue until SQL Server Reporting Services is up and configured properly., SCDPM 2016, SCDPM 2016 Deployment Error Comments: None Posted: November 3rd, 2016 under Exchange 2013, Exchange 2016.Tags: SCDPM 2016, SCDPM 2016 Deployment, System Center Data Protection Manager 2016, System Center Data Protection Manager 2016 Deployment Comments: 6 Last week I configured Calendar Federation between 2 Forest and 2 Exchange 2013 ORGs.Neil Hobson has an excellent walk through on the site which you can find here.I wanted to go deeper into Free/Busy configuration, hence this article.More » In June 2016 I go the following error in upgrading my Exchange 2016 RTM to CU1 and CU2. So, we stopped there and didn’t post any blog on upgrading Exchange 2016 CUs because of this error.As explained in part 1, we need to use Web access proxy to use Multi-Factor Authentication for RDWeb.I did a bit of digging into it and think I’ve worked a few things out that make the whole situation a bit clearer. We need to look at how often Lync polls Exchange for the free/busy information, and then how often your calendar state is published to your Lync presence change from Available to In a Meeting based on the free/busy data that was retrieved from Exchange.

This means that if you create an appointment in Outlook in-between when Lync polls Exchange and when Lync applies your calendar state to presence, this won’t be reflected in Lync until the polling interval lapses and Lync retrieve the Free/Busy info from Exchange again.

So let’s say our domain is, we are using Exchange.for our Exchange side and Domino.for our Domino side.

I will not go into how to configure SMTP to allow for this as this article is focused on Free/Busy. RPC Endpoint mapper will tell the requesting server to use a specific port above port 135.

Some prerequisites before we proceed with configuration: The first thing you need to do is ensure that connectivity between your Transporter Server and your Domino Server which is specified in the configuration of your Free Busy Connector have RPC connectivity between each other. Because of this, you will need to ensure just about all ports are open between your Transporter Server and your Domino Server.

I’ve had a few questions come up lately around when Lync 2010 polls Exchange for free/busy information and how/when presence state is updated based on your calendar.

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