Dunhill tobacco tin dating

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When he opened the doors that first day, it was not to the type of shop where you or I buy our pipe tobacco, a shop with a wide variety of pre-tinned, vacuum packed tobacco made by any number of manufacturers.Rather the shop Alfred opened was that of a bespoke blender of tobacco, with each My Mixture custom blended for an individual customer with the blending tobacco, according to Balfour, Alfred Dunhill One Hundred Years And More, initially obtained from George Consequently the only method available is the scientific method whereby the tone of the sense of taste, and the quality of the sense of smell, is accurately determined and assured . And so even as Alfred mouthed the words, he did not hesitate in that first 1910 catalog to prominently present ten My Mixture blends for general customer consideration at 10/8 per lb post paid to any address in the you actually visited the shop you could get #75, a mixture of all the blending leavings at 4/ a pound.) And while the original customers for nine of those blends were noted by name, the tenth blend, Alfred Dunhills Newest Mixture, a Perfect Blend bore no such attribution.

The cube cut expresses a bit more sweet citrus, but it's marginal and, as always, subdued.

Smokey and rich old world Latakia from Syria, spicy Basma Orientals from Greece’s Macedonian region, topped off by supreme flue-cured & ripe Virginias. I have 4 tins available for per tin – BJ1 – The Legendary Friedman & Pease all-time favorite and hardest to find, these are perfectly conditioned two ounce tins of Winter’s Tale from 1999 (the only year this classic was produced).

Greg Pease put this one together with a noticeable dose of Virginia, Latakia and Perique all rolled into one dilly whopper of a smoke!

blends were added for the specific purpose of increasing penetration of the critically important post war American market.

It may also be that certain raw tobaccos necessary for the dropped blends were unavailable.

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