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Every night there are parties and book signing and openings.Aside from all seeing old friends and meeting new creatives and photographers, I spent most of my time during the day doing portfolio reviews at the PDN/Palm Springs Portfolio Review.NEVER start an apology with the words, "I don't know what I've done wrong, but..." Figure out what you've done wrong; make sure you get it right; and move on to crafting the perfect apology to fix it; and again never use the word BUT.NEVER follow the rejection of an apology with the words, "I said I was sorry what else do you want?You only get one chance at a first impression, don't rush it if it's not the right time. Research your reviewers and make sure that your work is relevant to what they do.You have 15-20 minutes, often with some pretty influential and powerful creatives in the industry, don't waste it.Unless you have an extremely genuine reason for arriving late.You should always account for the time it takes to arrive including potential traffic and parking dilemmas.

Courteous electronic communication means that you treat others as you would have them treat you, even when interacting via a computer screen.Telling someone who you’re also very “active” and “work out” when you don’t go to the gym or even have a membership is just setting yourself up for failure.She says she likes a man that’s athletic and plays sports.I just returned from 4 days of photo-related festivities in NYC.The mothership of the week is the Photo Plus Expo at the Javits convention center, with other events happening around the same time to capitalize on having so many photographers in town at once.

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