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Hera’s Temple also known as Basilica, is the best preserved. ‘There abides in this column an tremulous value, a vague sense of instability, a formal poetic anxiety, only to be cancelled by the doctrinarian rigour of the V century’ to which, standing at its side in all its beauty, the temple of Posidonia belongs, a document of the time well preserved, imposing and decrous, pur Doric.

Majestic city walls barker at the lower parts due to their having onece been washed by the sea, can be seen at the entrance ot the excavations.

In a side are preserved stupendous paved streets, one of which leading to the wonderful ‘Porta Rosa’ a stone archomposing and perfect, a unique example of the round arches of Greek Architecture (dating back to the middle of 4th Century BC).

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