Dating violence research

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I have been involved with two collaborative, multidisciplinary action-oriented teams conducting research related to dating violence: The Dating Violence Research Team and the Provincial Strategy Team for Dating Violence Prevention.Both teams have been affiliated with the Muriel Mc Queen Fergusson Centre for Family Violence Research. The Attitudes Towards Dating Violence Scales: Development and initial validation. The co-occurrence of adolescent boys' and girls' use of psychologically, physically, and sexually abusive behaviors in their dating relationships. Released in 2013, the study surveyed more than 1,500 Hispanic 12- to 18-year-olds and their caregivers by phone, in either English or Spanish, between September 2011 and February 2012. But they also wanted to see how often Hispanic teens are victims of multiple types of dating violence, or dating violence that overlaps with other experiences of violence.Nearly 1 in 5 of youth surveyed had been a victim of dating violence.We published an article describing the development and validation of the English version of the Attitudes Towards Dating Violence Scales in the . Copies of the items contained in the scales, in both French and English can be found in the following report: Publication Series of the Muriel Mc Queen Fergusson Centre.

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Boys were more likely than girls to have experienced every form of dating violence, except stalking.The goal of the team was to identify and facilitate the implementation of effective strategies to prevent psychological, physical and sexual violence in adolescents’ dating relationships.The Dating Violence Research Team conducted both quantitative and qualitative research on dating violence among middle school and high school students.These studies aimed to determine New Brunswick adolescents’ experiences with and attitudes toward psychological, physical and sexual dating violence.In order to facilitate this research we first developed a series of scales assessing attitudes toward dating violence that were appropriate for youth. Adolescent girls' and boys' experiences of psychologically, physically, and sexually agressive behaviors in their dating relationships: Co-occurrence and emotional reaction.

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