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Sarah Kinney (creator & surrogate mother, deceased); James Howlett (genetic template/"father" deceased); Deborah Kinney (maternal "aunt"); Megan Kinney (maternal "cousin"); Daken ("paternal half-brother"); Erista ("paternal half-brother"); Bellona, Gabby Zelda Kinney (clones/"sisters"); X23_3PAR, Zelda, six unnamed clones (clones/"sisters", deceased); Symbiote Warriors (clones, deceased); William Downing (Gunhawk) ("paternal half-brother", deceased); Amiko Kobayashi ("foster sister"); John Howlett, Sr.("paternal step-grandfather", deceased); Elizabeth Howlett ("paternal grandmother", deceased); Thomas Logan ("paternal grandfather", deceased); Dog Logan ("paternal uncle"); Ronald Kinney (maternal "grandfather", deceased); Leslie Kinney (maternal "grandmother", deceased)X-Men (Past); formerly X-Men (New Charles Xavier School member), New Charles Xavier School student body, X-Men (Jean Grey School member), Jean Grey School student body, Avengers Academy, X-Force, New X-Men, X.

Miss and follow her on Twitter and Facebook at Ask Miss Lora.

The next year she was selected to perform on the Kids talent stage at Chattanooga's Riverbend Festival.

She performed on that stage annually until age twelve, when she won the competition that allowed her to perform on the festival's big stage.

She traveled to Orlando, Florida when she was ten to compete in the American Model and Talent Competition. Alaina sang with the Georgia Country Gospel Music Association's children's group.

Miss, decided the world was just too Rude! As Miss Lora says, "Who better than a Southern woman to tell people how to get some manners! You can check out all her videos on her website at

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