Dating a girl with a lazy eye

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Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... Not that i am really that shallow or mean - but i would have a hard time cause i would laugh all the time thinking of 'Columbo' - u know when he always says "Umm Mam (or Sir) - just one more thing..." I always insert "Where am I looking?

Granted, I was five years old, and didn’t spend that much time on my personal appearance.

But occasionally I feel it attempting a journey of its own, and I wonder what it seems like to the person I’m speaking with.

The following item is edited from a letter posted by shayla last month in our Eyes Apart Strabismus Support group.

It’s hard for some people to accept being referred to as having “lazy eyes.” We know that strabismus eyes work much harder than normal eyes.

Too much eye contact can be intimidating or creepy. She told me that whenever she talked to me, my right eye was usually wandering about.

Or can you only date people who's eyes are completly straight?? I can't say dating someone with a lazy eye would be high on my priority list, no. I used 2 have a crush on a girl with only one hand,she was hot! club foot- pot belly- cleft lip- bald head later in life- ugly personality as thoe person who thot this theme in the first place...classed as pretty and have a squint....dont like it??? I'm laughing thinking about it now - um mammmm - do u have any idea what im looking at? Alrite so i'm going to hell...i have a really bad lazy eye, where my right eye leans in towards my nose...people think i am looking the other way when looking at them lmao..glasses and/or contacts fixes the problem......I don't necessarily think there is anything wrong with that - everyone has their standards. If we don't here wouldn't be a need for this site Sure, I would date her.Disabilities of any kind tend to keep a lot of people from being interested. But if her lazy eye would never, ever get itself off the couch and DO something once in a while, I might have trouble with it.That can make it feel like they’re not really making eye contact and don’t want to pay attention.Keep in mind that both their eyes are in fact looking at you. Mild changes can take place – as a kid, I sometimes saw a doubled image because both my eyes were focusing differently.

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