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“We hope that this decision will encourage the Northern Territory Government in the future to recognise Indigenous commercial native title rights so that Aboriginal people can get on with their lives and not have to be tied up in protracted court cases to prove their inherent and ancient rights,” Mr Morrison said.

The traditional right to take and use the resources of an area is not to be limited to the resources actually used at the moment of sovereignty in 1788.

The case was heard by Justice John Mansfield over 10 days earlier this year. “This is a landmark native title decision,” said Joe Morrison, CEO of the Northern Land Council which ran the case on behalf of the native title claimants.

“This is the first time native title rights of this nature have been recognised in the Northern Territory,” he said.

Although the extensive turmoil there leads some to believe that the United States is incapable of playing a constructive role in stabilizing and transforming the region’s politics and security situation, we cannot escape this conflict.

To succeed, we need, above all, allies in the region with whom we can partner militarily and politically.

On July 11, 2015, when notorious drug lord Joaqín “El Chapo” Guzmán escaped from a maximum security prison in Mexico through a nearly one mile long underground tunnel, the world took notice.

Mexican Secretary of the Interior Miguel Angel Osorio Chong immediately returned home from a state visit to France to assist with damage control in the wake of the unfolding narrative that El Chapo’s prison break was an “inside job” made possible by government corruption.

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Janell Kapoor, founding director of Ashevillage, reports the project has taken off quickly, and after nearly 400 actions were registered in the first week, they are on track to easily exceed that number before the monthlong registration period is over.

And being able to face any challenge is often a goal of institutions. Similar projects have sprung up around the country, dating back to Daily Acts’ 2010 Garden Challenge for Sonoma County, which itself began as a spinoff of other efforts to plant, expand and revive residential food gardens.

The idea is to mobilize community members and inspire a chain reaction of groups and individuals pledging to take such actions as saving water, growing food, conserving energy, reducing waste and community building actions such as volunteering with a nonprofit or getting neighbors together for a potluck.

In his judgement, Justice Mansfield said that the transactions with the Macassans were sensibly described as transactions of a commercial kind.

He concluded that the Macassan visitation to the Gulf country, dating from at least 1780, involved the activities of trade, barter or exchange of a commercial kind.

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