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Student loans, like other types of consumer debt, are reported to the three major credit bureaus.

If you make your student loan payments before the due date, you will establish a good credit history, and that will improve your credit score.

But student loans are difficult (if not impossible) to discharge through bankruptcy, so once you get them, you have them for life.

To understand how student loans follow you throughout your working life and influence your financial health, it’s important to consider what type of loan you are taking, what sort of repayment plan you will face, and what options you have regarding deferral, consolidation, and repayment.

In most cases, however, debt consolidation will lead to long-term credit score gains, since it will decrease your odds of default and put you on more stable financial ground.

When you’ve worked your entire life to maintain a relatively good credit score, the last thing you want to do is damage it.

However, there are definitely some cases where a credit sacrifice is needed.

How It Works: Both are terms we hear a lot about in the personal finance community.

Simply put, the debt snowball method works by paying your lowest balance credit card first and work your way up.

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