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And the story itself makes you to pause to consider the reasons why some people are involved in the drug trade.

Other variables, for example close-in-age exemptions, may exist and are noted when relevant.

Married to the daughter of an ex-Brazilian senator, Roger Pinto, the couple, who had three children, had been constructing a home in Epitaciolandia, on the border with Bolivia in the northern Brazilian state of Acre Micky tended to pilot flights chartered by football teams on his planes, had flown the Bolivian and Argentinian national sides and had already transported Chapecoense on other trips, many of whose players already considered him a close friend.

On his Facebook page, Micky had posted pictures with the Chapecoense team, including one of them eating together in a restaurant and another of a football signed by footballers, taken at Medellin airport.

As it became clear the flight would end in disaster as the CP-2933 plane began to suffer catastrophic electrical problems, Micky reportedly dumped the plane's remaining fuel, so it would not explode on impact.

That the experienced pilot thought of saving the lives of others in what he would have known were the last moments of his own life seems extraordinary for many around the world following the tragic events unfold.

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