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Chiang Mai may be one of Thailand's biggest cities but it’s still small enough to be able to get through all the traps in one week.But just like every Monger knows the more time you spend in a place the easier it is to access the skirts.For more information visit The Complete Guide To Soapy Massages In Chiang Mai Chiang Mai Bachelor Friendly Hotels Don't you just hate booking a hotel online on a whim then arriving everything looks great you go out have some fun maybe picked up a girl then come back to your hotel and they expect you to pay 1000 baht or more for your new friend to come with you. Well I thought I'd try and save people from the same anguish and mark on the map all the bachelor friendly hotels in Chiang Mai so that you don't get stung either.For more information please visit The Complete Guide To Bachelor Hotels In Chiang Mai Chiang Mai Nightclubs The nightlife in Chiang Mai can change on a whim, the nightclubs of 5 years ago have mostly gone and the new places in Chiang Mai have recently stepped up their game and created more of a scene than a decade ago.There main areas of interest to Mongers exploring the nightlife of Chiang Mai: Chiang Mai Soapy Massage Parlors Sayuri Massage Parlor in Chiang Mai is one of the most well run with the most number of girls available in the city.

Art Mai Gallery itself exudes a vibrant and sophisticated style, and has the ability to captivate and leaves a lasting impression, featuring the special style of art that continues to inspire artistic side of any type of artist.

Nude Art is not as racy as its sounds but due to its seductively outfitted artwork, it’s an adult-only zone.

Hotel guests are also invited to check out the modern art gallery on ground floor which displays the original artworks of renowned contemporary Thai artists like Thanachai Ujjin (“Pod Modern Dog” founder).

This map and information is continually updated so be sure to come back regularly to view the latest information on planning your next trip to Chiang Mai Last.

If you're just here for a short time i recommend going on the Chiang Mai Pub Crawl, which is not just fun but will give you a good look around the best night life in Chiang Mai.

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