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Its main features are: * Fully customizable layout (including the messages sent by users and the server) * Authentication by module (SQL-authentication or no-authentication implemented) * Authorization-framework (Who may use which command) * Networking is done with the new none-blocking-IO-Classes of Java Chat Everywhere gives you the possibility to easily put a real-time discussion forum on your website.

It allows extended (Irc-like) commands, several levels of hierarchy and an easy to modify configuration file.

It has it´s own stand alone HTTP server integrated and does not need any Applet or special software on client side to run on, but only a frames enabled web browser.

Llama Chat is designed to provide an open source, chat server/client pair for use on the web.

The minimum width of the section where you would like to place your online video chat should be at least 1000px wide.

There are no fake profiles, IM chatbox ads, 3rd party site upsells, popups or other annoying ads on Real Chat, just real people having real fun!

You don't need to sign up for an account and you can use it wherever you are with just a web browser.

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