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For more information, see our article on protective filing dates.

The second and more important factor regarding when a person's disability starts is the onset date of their disability -- that is, when their disability began.

Reckonable Credited contributions awarded can be used to satisfy the 48 contributions required in the Governing Contribution Year.

Class J contributions paid prior to 1996 in respect of a Social/Community Employment Scheme also count for the Governing Contribution Year.

Payment of awarded Pensions is dealt with by Invalidity Payments Section.

The DWP response is the claimant can claim Job Seekers Allowance (JSA) during this appeal stage.

Campaigners tell me, however, many disabled people say they won’t apply for JSA due to the fear that doing so will be interpreted by the DWP as evidence they are indeed fit for work.

Internal Guidelines used in processing claims Table of Contents: Part 1: Entitlement Description of Scheme Information Leaflet Legislation Administration Qualifying Conditions Medical condition PRSI Contributions condition Special Categories Illness Benefit Credits Pro Rata Invalidity Pensions Bilateral Agreements Disqualification Conditions for Receipt of Invalidity Pension Exemptions Partial Capacity Benefit Back to Work Allowance Back to Work Enterprise Allowance Back to Education Imprisonment Rates Structure Extra Benefits Available To Invalidity Claimants Overlapping Provisions Part 2: Claims, Investigation and Decision Procedures Claims Decisions and Award Procedures Return of Application Forms Award of Pension Pensions under EU Law/Bilateral Agreements Disallowances and Appeals Late Claims Compensation for Loss of Purchasing Power Part 3: Procedures Following Award Payment Method Duration of Payment Payment after death of pensioner or qualified dependants Payment for Qualified Children Certification of Ongoing Entitlement Review Suspension of payment Retention /Destruction of documents Invalidity Pension is a Pension paid to people who are permanently incapable of work because of illness or disability.

It is based on a claimant's social insurance contributions and the personal rate of payment is not means tested.

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