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Should a crippled jew unable to provide for himself leave his non-jewish wife and rely on charity, even when knowing he won't get any charity and he'll land on the street under the cardboard, even ... I'm 47 and I've spent my whole adult life far from Jewish practice. I have heard there is a not so well-known opinion that Rebbi Akiva actually knew Torah before the age of 40, but had left the path of Torah observance.

There was this mathematician Kurt Goedel who died of starvation because he ate nothing but food prepared by his wife who was hospitalised for a long period. His story would actually make more sense if that'...

Dear Rosie & Sherry, For several years, I was involved in a serious relationship.

And as someone who still isn’t so comfortable with the idea of being judged by a first meeting, indeed it is a scary concept.In both cases I see it as a search for truth and finding it in Judaism.But I realize that it is a lot more complex than that.We’re all stuck on this campus for four years, and thus if anyone is dating, it is usually another person from within the Penn community.And although 300 is a big number, that means there are about 150 frum people of the opposite gender, and if you take out the people who are taken, and then the people who you would never date, and those that would never date you, it turns into a very small number, which may or may not be equivalent to 0.

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