Avg is not updating speed dating costume

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My AVG 2015 has started giving issues as of 8/23/15 as whenever I ran the Update now button it would come back stating: Update failed, Update has detected running installation. From what I have noticed that the windows installer in my current OS (Windows 10 Pro) is currently greyed out and is currently set to manual.This may be an issue in the registry itself but I have yet to figure that part out.

I've been with AVG quite a while and until now am quite happy with the product. If that doesn't help, In order for your issue to be analysed by the AVG Team please provide update log files and MSinfo output.The user can update this software; however, the update process may fail and it may show an error message such as, connection with update server failed.There are three options to solve this issue with AVG Free.Browsing the Community pages I am discovering that many others are as frustrated as I am at the latest release of AVG. But I will definitely not renew my subscription when it comes time for that, the way the software is now.With no warning, it was installed, and there are no instructions for how to use it. Even if I do a scan, it keeps saying Last Scan: Never.

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