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But more than these tragedies, I’ve heard from everyday guys going through garden-variety divorces who thrive in their new, part-time parenting schedules.Several report that their ex-wives dominated domestic decisions and habits, and the men consciously or unconsciously acquiesced to her way of parenting while married. )Other stories are simply about men no longer taking for granted their time with their children and role as fathers.I have to admit I have been the king of repeating instructions to my kids. He was someone I admired as a dad, but even more so as a husband. I can remember when my wife and I had our very first child, and the awesome weight of responsibility I felt at that moment when I realized that I was now a dad who was going to be responsible for this new little life and raising . And, over the last couple of years, I’ve shared with you 10 Texts to Send to Your College Student in their Next 10 Days and 10 Texts to Send to Your Kids or Grandkids in the Next 10 Days.There was a time where I rarely gave them one instruction. Now around their twelfth anniversary, he was complaining to . The post 10 Texts to Send to Your Teen in the Next 10 Days appeared first on Mark Merrill's Blog.This post about how many men are better dads after divorce is a few years old, written before I gelled my beliefs about equal parenting and the presumption that fathers be equal-time parents.That said, this post highlights some great anecdotes about how divorced parents can be better parents, and how when moms back off, dads can often thrive as parents.Unlike my friend, a dad of teenage daughters needs to think about their daughter’s dating in advance.

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He said she made “horrible and perverted allegations against me (all of which were found to be totally groundless).” “Sorry to go on at length, but my life has more or less been ruined,” Bill concluded. Single With uk is the largest provider of breaks for single parents in the UK and also has a thriving single parent community!Whether you’re bereaved, divorced or simply single, we offer something for all – from fabulous breaks through to a supportive online forum & dating.If you are a single mom, here are three things you can do right now to encourage your kids’ dad to be an equal co-parent: Original post: A couple of weeks ago Thomas Matlack wrote on the New York Times’ Motherlode blog about how hitting rock bottom and losing his marriage made him stop drinking and be a better dad.I’ve seen many times how divorce has made men better fathers – including in my own family.

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